Thoughts On Leadership

There are a lot of definitions for leadership.  But leadership is not a definition.  What is it then?  Simon Sinek's video below does a better job than I could ever hope to, explaining human nature, biology and what it means to have a tribe or organization.  What is important?  What is the role of leadership?  What constitutes a real leader?  This is a 45 minute video.  You may not have the "time" to watch it.  I urge you to find the time.  It may very well shape your future experience and expectations of leadership.  It is that good.

A big part of leadership ability comes with awareness and often awareness comes with experience. Great! So all you have to do is get ten years of experience and then you will know all about it! Well, maybe there is another way...

To help increase your awareness of leadership, I offer this section of "Thoughts on Leadership" based on a selection of my newsletters from the last number of years. Rather than skills, tips or techniques, these articles have been prepared to help you see and understand things you will experience as a leader from a different perspective.

This is not about being right or wrong. This is about knowing what the argument is about! Our truth is often informed by our experience and I have seen people fight until exhausted because they could only see one truth - theirs. They couldn't see that there were other options and perspectives on the situation that could have very well limited the argument and allowed both parties to see a bigger part of the truth than each of them could see going in.

I hope you find them to be of value as you become more aware of leadership and more importantly, who you are as a leader.

Here are some of the topics:

Continuously Refresh Your Role

Find the Hidden Gems in the Talent Pool

Continuously Refresh Your Role

Dealing with Conflict

Leadership and Technology

The Importance of Competence versus Relationships

Important Conversations at Work

The Unofficial Hierarchy at Work

The Emotional Workplace

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