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Credentialed Executive Coach. Experienced Leader. Passionate Visionary. Thoughtful Strategist. Committed Mentor. Enthusiastic Entrepreneur. Dedicated Volunteer. Irreverent Humorist. Emerging Artist. Devoted Husband. Dedicated Father. Engaged Citizen.

Gord AkerGord Aker, PCC

Hello, I am Gord Aker

...and I am not a Millennial!  Wait...what?  How can you coach Millennials when you aren't one?  There are two important answers to that question.  The first is, coaching is about creating a safe space for profound self discovery, creating plans of action and personal accountability.  You are the expert in your life, so I don't have to be.

Secondly, there is an age old saying that says: "The person you want to help you get out of the quicksand, shouldn't be in it with you."  I am good at what I do because I am not of your generation.   As your coach, I am not your friend... you have friends for that.

Besides, this is about your life and your innate potential and fundamental talent to lead and I am extraordinarily passionate about leadership.  When people think about leadership, they often think about their "boss" or perhaps some of the world's most inspiring leaders, Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill or John F. Kennedy for example.  But what about you?

I think leadership is a talent and that everyone has some, although not the same amount.  It bothers me greatly that with authentic leadership in such demand, (yeah the world really needs more!) that many people's individual leadership capability is left undiscovered, undeveloped and unrealized.

It is about making sure each and everyone of you lives up to your full potential as a change agent and leader in your lives and in this world.

Not surprisingly, when I look at the world and its future, I see both immense challenges and great opportunities.  I passionately believe that the answer to both is authentic leadership.

I am particularly committed to helping Millennials and young professionals develop their leadership talent for who better to influence positive change in the world than those with the greatest opportunity and the most at stake?

Credentialed Executive Life Coach

I have been trained as an Executive Life Coach by one of the best coach training schools in the world, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) out of San Rafael California.  Their training and certification program is second to none in my opinion - but of course I am biased.

People who have completed their training and then the certification process are entitled to be identified by the letters CPCC which stands for, "Certified Professional Co-Active Coach".  These letters indicate someone who is serious about coaching and being trained as a skilled coach.  I have the CPCC.

The coaching profession is largely unregulated, so over 20 years ago, a group of coaches got together to create the International Coach Federation which is the largest global body for regulating professional coaching standards.  The ICF not only certifies coach training programs like The Coaches Training Institute, it also ensures coaches adhere to a code of ethics. In addition, the ICF also provides coaches with a credential based on their training and their experience.

There are three credentials available to coaches.  The first is the Associate Certified Coach or ACC.  The second is the Professional Certified Coach or PCC and the highest level is the Master Certified Coach or MCC.  I have obtained and maintained by PCC credential and am working towards my MCC.

Experienced Leader

I have had the great fortune of gaining over 20 years of organizational leadership experience over the course of my career.  While I was at TransCanada Corporation, I held numerous different leadership roles that included nine years in the field organization working with front line staff and supervisors.

I also ran a registered charity for two years as the President, reporting to a Board of Directors and subsequent to that, I spent two years as the General Manager of Production Reliability at Penn West Exploration Ltd.

In addition, I have held leadership roles in a number of volunteer organizations including the Calgary Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Dedicated Volunteer

In addition to being passionate about leadership, I am also very passionate about remembering and honouring the service and sacrifice of our veterans.  Because of this, I serve on the Board of Directors of The Military Museums Foundation in Calgary as the Board Vice Chair and Chair of the Fund Development Committee.  Our mission is to ensure "Remembrance through Education".

I also volunteered as a Senator at the University of Calgary.  The Senate is an organization that serves to promote and connect the University to the broader community.  As a Senator, I  served as the Chair of the Community Engagement Committee, acted as a mentor to a Senate Service Award winner and contributed to the creation of the Senate Strategic Plan.  I completed my two, three year term mandate in 2017.

I also volunteer as a mentor and donate my services as part of my commitment to social entrepreneurial ventures. 

Hobbies and Pastimes

When I am not working or volunteering, I am often pursuing my hobbies which include travel, hiking, photography and driving.  You can see some of my artistic attempts by clicking here.

I count myself incredibly fortunate to have travelled to every province in Canada, many States in the USA and numerous countries around the world.  Some favorites include: Botswana, South Africa, Peru, France, England, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Norway, Germany...well I guess the list is pretty extensive.


Of course family is also very important to me.  I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over 29 years.  

My wife is a Professional Engineer and we decided early on, that she would take 10 years off to focus on raising our kids.  She then resumed her career and continues to inspire young professional women (and me for that matter) with her ability to "do it all".

We have two children, both Millennials and both well on their way to becoming independent and productive global citizens.

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