Who Does Millennial Coaching Serve?

Millennial Coaching was created to serve Millennials because they represent the future and are the future leaders of the world.  I consider people from 20 to 40 years old as part of the "Millennial Generation".

I love working with Millennials for two specific reasons.  Firstly, Millennials have a long career and contribution "runway". In general, Millennials will have at least 25 and possibly 45 years or more to make the difference they want to make in the world.  That is huge.  If by working with me, they change their direction by two degrees from their original path, over the course of their working and contributing lives - those two degrees of change will cause them to end up in a completely different place and....I believe, a much better place.  By the way, most people have a very profound experience in working with me so two degrees is the absolute minimum impact.

The second reason I love working with Millennials comes from experience.  My observation has been that human beings are very strongly influenced by their experience to the point where their experience defines their "truth" and their "opportunity" or what is "possible".

In working with older individuals, it can often take three or more coaching sessions to help them break free of their experienced based perspective on the world.  It can be very challenging for them to embrace the unforeseen or anything outside of their life experience.

On the other hand Millennials are very quick to take in a different perspective.  It is so much fun to suggest a different view on something and have the client "wake up" to that new possibility with excitement, interest and curiosity.  It is truly great coaching work and I just love it.

If you are between 20 and 40 years old and want to grow your influence and engage in leading your life and others, please fill in the contact form and let's have a chat.  It may be the start of a new beginning.

What About "Typical Millennial" or "Millennial Stereotypes"?

Don't believe any of it.  There is no such thing as an "average person".  I hate stereotyping as much as I hate prejudice because they are essentially one and the same thing.  Anyone who starts a sentence with "All Millennials..." should be challenged on the spot.  Have we learned nothing over years of suffering from racism?  Millennials are defined by a certain age group.  They are not defined by a bunch of negative stereotyping bullshit. Let's stop that now.

My Story of Working With Young Professionals

I have been coaching young professionals since 2006 after I left an 18 year career with TransCanada Corporation.  When I was at TransCanada, I noticed we were hiring in young professionals who were bright eyed, keen and full of energy and yet after about six to twelve months, these same people were drag assing around looking at their watch and waiting for the weekend!  And, TransCanada was a very progressive people oriented company so I was very curious about what was going on.  What was obvious to me however was that somehow we were draining these young people of the very thing that caused us to hire them in the first place!

I then discovered a book by Marcus Buckingham called "Now Discover Your Strengths" and it changed my perspective on employee engagement and development.  Prior to reading the book, a lot of our performance management process was centered around identifying performance gaps and then focusing development on these "areas of opportunity".

Marcus Buckingham suggested that instead of focusing on gaps, we should be focusing on strengths and leveraging the innate talent and sources of energy of people in service of their organizations.  What a profound shift!  Imagine encouraging people to do more of what they want to do and are good at doing instead of "forcing" them to focus on things they hated doing.

This strengths based approach has informed my coaching practice ever since.  In fact, the foundation of my coaching is that it is only when we discover who we truly are, accept who we truly are and act in accordance with who we truly are that we position ourselves for a full, rewarding and enriching life.

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