What About Money?

....where you are starting from and to do that, we need to take a look at your financial position. 

Now this may seem a bit odd, but if you look at your life the way a company looks at their financial well being, then it is much easier to track where you are, where you would like to be and the progress you are making on getting there.  Here is how you go about understanding your personal finances.

Once you have your net worth nailed down, the next place to look is cash flow or budgeting.  This page on "Easy Budgeting" is a great place to get started.  A lot of people struggle in making ends meet and as a result, never get ahead.  But once you have the basics like rent and food covered, you may be surprised to see that you are spending a lot of money on nothing...well nothing important.  Budgeting isn't about doing without.  The Easy Budgeting approach allows you to feel good about the money you are spending while saving for future prosperity.  Click here for additional info.

Of course, you may be living your dreams on credit, thinking that someday you will get it all paid off.  Well not all debt is bad, but a lot of it is.  Let's take a peek at debt and see what the differences are between good and bad debt by clicking here.

Once you do get a bit of cash in the bank, what do you do with it?  Ideally, you will start to invest it so that your money starts to work for you as opposed to you for your money.  Again, there is a lot to be said for watching your nest egg get bigger every month, knowing you are buying a future of freedom.  Here is how to go about investing without the need to become an expert.  Click here for insight on Simple Investing.

Money and relationships together are a powerful force and one that seems to be the cause of major relationship stress.  How can anyone navigate these waters safely?  Here are some thoughts on how to do just that very thing.

It is also about Balance

It is very easy to get caught up on one thing and end up sacrificing another.  That is one reason why I put relationships at the top of this list and not the bottom.  Relationships are often intangible and difficult to measure in a way that career promotions or even salaries are not. So by working those extra 10, 20 or 50 hours a week to get that next pay raise, what is the cost to your relationships?  Is it worth it?

This is a little tool to help you get a sense of what is in balance in your life.  Keep in mind that balance is a very as well as a noun so the act of balancing your life is often much more meaningful than trying to achieve "balance".  Click here for the tool.

It is also about Intention

When I speak to people about leading their lives as opposed to just reacting to whatever comes along - I often get a confused look.  Sure some people have career goals and whatnot, but few have actually taken the time to decide who they are, where they are going and why it is important for them to get there.

Again - no revolution is necessary to move along this path.  It can be as simple as following some basic principles.  Click here for a few ideas to get you started.

You also may want to start by setting some goals for yourself.  Click here for some ideas on that.

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