Social Entrepreneur

I am a big believer in win-win situations which I think is the essence of being a Social Entrepreneur.  I think the way of the future is to configure businesses for win-win scenarios and not just "profit at any costs" sort of capitalism.

Many of my Millennial clients are equally if not more  committed to the concept of social entrepreneurship and in working with them, I have been inspired to do something to reflect the social entrepreneur spirit with my business.

So my commitment is to provide one free three month coaching package for every ten such packages that I sell for profit.  In other words, I am going to ensure that 10% of my gross revenue is reinvested into young people that otherwise could not afford my services.

It is my hope and belief that by doing this, we will collectively create a wave of "doing well by doing good" for our communities, our societies and our world.

I also hope that by receiving this life changing benefit, these pro bono clients will also choose to "pay it forward" when they are up and running and able to do so.

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