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As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I put the client's needs first in terms of deciding on, defining and delivering specific services based on where they are in their leadership development journey and also based on the situation and circumstances they find themselves in.

In essence, the services provided to a client may include one or more of the following:

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the most powerful means of developing leadership capacity simply because the insight, answers and action required come from you, the client. 

Coaching is not about advice or making recommendations.  Coaching is about creating a safe and confidential environment where through dialog, you discover for yourself what is holding you back, what you want to do about it and how it is you wish to be held accountable for acting on that insight.  Quite simply, that is why coaching works.

The coaching relationship is a unique one because there is no hidden agenda and the coach has no vested interest in the outcome.  As a result, there is a high level of trust in the relationship that is solely focused on you and what is it you want.

For everyone who wants the ultimate in professional leadership development, one on one executive coaching is the most efficient, effective and impactful means for achieving your personal potential.

Executive Support

For "C-Suite" executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, I offer a companion service to Executive Coaching called Executive Support.  Quite often, in these high value, high stress and high profile roles, there is little support available to provide a different opinion, an alternate perspective or even an innovative way of responding to a challenge.  I provide this service to give you the benefit of an objective "cold eye" look at the scenario and possibly a "sober second thought" to how you may choose to do deal with an unforeseen situation or circumstance.

Of course, all of the ethical rules around coaching still apply, so I only act in what I understand to be in your personal best interests. Again, no hidden agenda and no vested interest in the outcome other than your satisfaction.

Professional Development

Do you know who is responsible for your personal growth and professional development?  It isn't your organization.  It is you..

Unfortunately, even understanding this is often insufficient to make a huge difference in your growth because the most obvious path to professional development is usually seen as a course, conference or even an advanced degree.  While all these are worthy endeavours, they usually only add more "content" to an existing bucket.  Real professional development actually grows the bucket and empowers you not just to know more but to grow in your capability for "meaning making".

Consider the four key areas of human contribution:

  1. Knowledge - Usually the starting point for personal growth and professional development.  What do you know?
  2. Understanding - As we continue to develop, we grow in our ability to think, rationalize, conceptualize and understand the way of things.
  3. Interaction - In parallel with our ability understand things, we also see a need to convey these ideas, concepts and knowledge to others driving a need to increase in our capacity for relating, connecting, communicating, empathizing, engaging and enrolling with others.  True change comes from inspiring others to join us on our journey.
  4. Action - Knowledge, understanding and relating are critically important but are meaningless without action or execution.  Thinking of change is insufficient.  One must be an agent of change in order to create impact and improvement.

You want to grow personally and continue to develop professionally, don't grab a course catalog.  Contact me and let's discover what the future truly holds for you in your career and life.

Organizational Tutoring

Organizational tutoring provides clients with a professional resource to help them with specific assignments, challenges or opportunities. 

Examples of these services include:

  • Assistance in developing presentations to audiences ranging from 2 to 2000.  If you are wondering what you are going to say and how to best say it, I can help you using a coach approach and my experience in engaging audiences.
  • Reviewing reports and documents prior to submission.  This includes recommendations to improve professionalism, provide clarity of message and ensure that the materials reflect your true potential.
  • Other services range from how to have a good conversation with your leader about your career aspirations and potential.
  • Any situation where you are concerned about putting your best foot forward and you want an objective opinion from someone who only has your personal best interests at heart.

Gord helped me understand who I am, where my strengths lie and what my vision is for my career. As a result, I gained immense confidence in my abilities and skills. I am thankful to have had him as a coach this early in my professional life. I highly recommend Gord for anyone seeking personal improvement!  - Silvia Fernandez, P. Eng.  


Pricing for the services noted above varies depending on the nature (duration and frequency) of the relationship and the potential for impact (scale). 

For a young professional interested in exploring their leadership potential, programs vary between $600-$1200.  Longer term Executive Coaching and support programs typically are at least six months in duration and will be in the $5000 range depending on what assessments are used in the coaching process.

Please contact me for further information and details. Contact

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