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Get Out of Your Own Way

One on one Coaching is the most powerful means of developing your potential simply because the insight, answers and action required come from you, the client. 

Coaching is not about advice or making recommendations.  Coaching is about creating a safe and confidential environment where through dialog, you discover for yourself what is holding you back, what you want to do about it and how it is you wish to be held accountable for acting on that insight.  Quite simply, that is why coaching works.

The coaching relationship is a unique one because there is no hidden agenda and the coach has no vested interest in the outcome.  As a result, there is a high level of trust in the relationship that is solely focused on you and what is it you want.

For everyone who wants the ultimate in professional  development, one on one  coaching is the most efficient, effective and impactful means for achieving your personal potential.

Understanding Your Gifts

What is the unique mixture of interests, talents, skills, values and motivation that make you of great value to organizations?  Where do your strengths lie?  What are your unique gifts? 

Oddly enough, because we are so close to ourselves, it isn't always easy to identify these things.  We just assume our unique gifts are "normal" and that everyone has them.

Knowing what your gifts are, allows you not just to leverage those gifts, but brand yourself to make maximum use of them in your career and life.

Improving Personal Effectiveness

Do you know when you get "triggered"?  You might notice it as a feeling of being out of control or anxious or even just very reactive.  Do you know why you are behaving that way?  Do you know what it is costing you?

Using a model developed by Lynn Taylor, we will go through a debrief to understand your unique core energies and how using them can be the source of your biggest contribution, and how also, they can be a source of triggering which causes you to lose face, undermine your credibility and harm your relationships.

You will learn very simple and effective strategies for managing your interactions so that they are "responsive" rather than "reactive" and in so doing move from destructive to constructive.

People Issues Support

Often in our careers and our lives, we run into situations where we just don't know how to respond.  Sometimes these are professional situations and sometimes they are just part of living in the world.  If you catch yourself ever saying "I just didn't know what to say", then you know this feeling.

I can help.  Of course, we would all love to have the "perfect answer" the second we need it however, that often isn't the best solution.  So let's come up with a response that works for you.  Let's come up with an engagement strategy that empowers you in this (and any future) situation.   I have your back.

Help with Presentations

Presentations can be a great way of connecting your organization, clients, customers or other stakeholders with your ideas, concepts, projects and initiatives.  They are typically High Risk/High Reward situations.  I can help you put your best foot forward.

  • Key message review
  • Slide Deck Review
  • Video/phone presentation review

All content shared is confidential.

Help with a Speech

Not all public speaking is about presentations of course.  Sometimes you are asked to deliver a key message, or act as a master of ceremonies for a "town hall" or other event.  These are again, High Risk/High Reward and doing this well can be a real boost to your profile.

  • Key message review 
  • Understanding your delivery style
  • Video/phone presentation review

All content shared is confidential.

Help with Performance Reviews

Do you get nervous during your performance review?  Are you reluctant to document and share your successes and failures?  Does your manager know what it takes for you to do your best work?  What might be possible if he/she did?  What do you need from him or her?

I can help you get the most out of your performance review both in sharing your triumphs and successes while also creating better alignment between you and your manager.

  • Performance Review Preparation 
  • Sharing successes without bragging
  • Discovering your common language 
  • Maximizing your performance

Help with Career Planning

These days , more and more organizations are expecting that their employees "manage their own careers".  This is great if you know exactly what you are looking for.  If you don't, well - this can be a real challenge.

Often the default is to ask for more responsibility on your current career path however this can only take you so far.

What do you really want?  What work would you like to request?  What future do you envision for yourself?  I can help you answer these critical questions so you feel empowered in creating the career you know you want.


Pricing for services can be configured on an hourly basis,  program basis or on an extended term relationship basis starting at $200 plus GST.

Gord helped me understand who I am, where my strengths lie and what my vision is for my career. As a result, I gained immense confidence in my abilities and skills. I am thankful to have had him as a coach this early in my professional life. I highly recommend Gord for anyone seeking personal improvement!  - Silvia Fernandez, P. Eng.  

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