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A friend of mine, (and currently a CEO at a major organization) once told me that the best tip he could think of for getting ahead in your career was to marry the right person.  I was amazed by this and honestly thought he would talk about getting an MBA or knowing the right people etc., but no - he felt his marriage had just as much if not more to do with his success than anything else.

Personal Relationships

If you think about it though, there are some compelling arguments to be made for investing in your career by focusing on the homefront. Consider the benefits of having a soul mate to talk things over with, without the fear of judgement, ridicule or worse, a "who cares" attitude! Think about all the little things (and some not so little) that are required to support your life and it is easy to see how having a solid, loving and competent life partner can ease the burden of the day to day living activities and allow you to focus on what is you both.

This section of the website has some key tips on managing and growing your personal relationships.  I have used these concepts and know that they work.  Not every relationship is going to work out of course, but they are most definitely worth investing in!

Your Relationship with Money

One of the biggest sources of conflict between people in relationships is money.  This shouldn't be a surprise, it is not only the way to improve your standard of living - it is also one of the key metrics of success.

I remember reading a blog by a fellow coach that encouraged people to revise the relationship they had with money to something more positive.  Her point was that a lot of people have a terrible belief system about money that actually caused them to "hate it", reject it and blind them to opportunities to earn more of it.  Some of her clients beliefs were:

  • It is dirty!
  • It is the root of all evil.
  • It takes money to make money.
  • Money can't buy happiness.
  • There is never enough.

And so on.  

Based on this starting point, she invited people to see money as something worthy of a respectful relationship. With this revised belief, people started to attract and embrace money as a source of good in their lives and because of that - they found themselves getting wealthier.

Now - this may sound like a bunch of poppycock to you and that is fine.  I do know however that the brain is an interesting organ and that how we see things is very much influenced by what we believe.  Changing those beliefs to be more positive and receptive can open us up to new possibilities and opportunities that we couldn't see before.

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