Life Hacks

How is your life going?  Are you on track?  Enjoying yourself? Making a difference?

If you feel like something isn't spot on, or that you are missing out on something, then these "Life Hacks" may help get you back on track.

Get a New Job

One of the most important things in our lives is what we choose to do for a living.  How we choose to support ourselves and the loved ones in our lives.  Ideally, it also speaks to us in a way that gives our contribution meaning or purpose.

Our jobs also provide a great opportunity for social engagement - having friends at work is one of the best parts of working - and of course it also can provide the incentive to challenge us to continue to grow and develop our knowledge, skills, competence and capability.

I have prepared a few thoughts on how you may want to approach getting a new job or indeed switching to a job that actually meets more of the ideals noted above.  You can click here for more information: Get a New Job

If you are not sure what job to apply for, you may benefit from a career building process.  You can learn more about that here:  Career Building

Don't look for Balance.  Create it!

Work life "Balance" is another area where people can find themselves out of sorts.  I sometime refer to it as being "cross threaded" because like a nut and bold or even a jar, when the threads don't line up and mesh perfectly, things get jammed up, stuck and frustration can result.

So what is balance?  To many people it means the balance of work time (or that time where you don't have the autonomy to do what you want) and own time (the time that you choose to spend on things you enjoy).

One of the "ah-ha" moments I had was during my coach training with the Coaches Training Institute.  They expressed the belief that balance was often referred to as a thing or a noun and thus was something people were searching for or trying to find.  The "ah-ha" moment for me was when they defined balance as an action or verb.  It is not in fact something that one finds, but rather something that one creates through intentional action.  Rarely are our lives in "perfect balance" but how are we at "balancing?"

Here are some resources on become better at balancing your life.  Balance


If ever there was a topic of such great importance and yet spoken of so rarely, it has to be money.  And that is a shame because money is critical to enabling you to live the life you want.  It is the grease that enables commerce.  It is also a measure that we often use to assess how well we are doing.

So how well are you doing?  Do you know?  Does money frighten you?  Concern you?  If so you are not alone.  In my work, it doesn't matter how old my clients are or even how wealthy they are - money is often a key concern.  If nothing else, this just reinforces how important it is to us.

Unfortunately, money is often branded as either "good" or "evil".  It is of course neither.  It is just stuff.  Or better yet it is just a thing.  It is not a reason.  It is not a justification.  It is not an excuse.  It is just a thing.  Let's see if we can help you get control of this thing so that this thing doesn't get control of you!  Life leadership is about you being in control of you.  Not some thing....

Here is some information on a number of key components of money including debt, investing, saving, budgeting...well you know the drill.  You can dive into this information by clicking here:  Personal Finances


Another key area of life happiness and success comes down to your satisfaction with your personal relationships.

These relationships can be with your spouse or significant other, your extended family, your friends and even your co-workers or business acquaintances.  One thing is for sure.  Human beings are social animals and we are genetically wired to seek belonging and create community.  It is one of the most important things in our lives and thus, one of the most important things that can contribute to our happiness.

So something so important must have a rule book right?  Hardly!  Just as every individual is unique, so are the relationships between individuals.  In fact relationships are extraordinarily complex, usually very dynamic and often quite challenging.  Hugely important?  Absolutely.  Easy - well not always.

I have prepared a few thoughts and tips on relationship building which you can access here.  Relationships are critical and in my opinion shouldn't be left to "chance".  You can read more here:  Relationships 

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