Distinctly Different
Leadership Development for Millennials

What makes my approach to Leadership Development for Millennials "distinctly different"?  There are a number of things.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Probably the most important thing about what I do is that I work one on one with clients.  The truth is that you are unique.  You see the world in a way that is unique to you.  Who you are as a leader is going to be different than the person sitting next to you.

By working one on one with clients, they get exactly the support they need for where they are right now in their developmental journey.  In this way, each leadership development process is uniquely tailored to fit you and meet your needs.  No one size fits all.  No wasted time.  No spending time on things that don't matter.

Fast.  Efficient. Effective.  And Transformative.

Different Situations Require Different Approaches 

Secondly, you will find that there are literally thousands of coaches out there, all saying that coaching is universally applicable regardless of the situation or circumstance of the client.  While the skills and experience of coaches vary immensely depending on their training and certifications, it is true that the coaching process in its purest form can be applicable to a wide variety of situations and circumstances.

However, clients who work with me are not limited to getting exposure to one modality, e.g. just coaching.  Clients who work with me get a varied mixture of training (here is how to do this), mentoring (this is my experience given a similar situation), coaching (how else might you see this situation?) and support, (brainstorming keynotes, reviewing critical documents, cold eye reviews etc.) depending on what THEY need and most value in the moment.

In short, my focus is on your development as a leader and that includes helping you acquire: the necessary knowledge, appropriate skills, differing perspectives and the profound self awareness and self acceptance needed to grow authentic self confidence.

Working with Young Professionals

Thirdly, I have spent over a decade working with young professionals from the fields of engineering, medicine, law, education, business and others.  Working with people under 40 isn't a pastime, it is a passion.

To my way of thinking, young leaders are the future.  And if by working with me, leaders can improve their life, their career and their contribution trajectory by even a small amount, over the course of their lives - they will end up in a much different and I contend, a much better place having made a much more meaningful and significant contribution to the world than would otherwise be the case.

Who do you want to help you discover, develop and deploy your innate leadership talent?

To Grow the Leader...

Finally, I fundamentally agree with author Kevin Cashman that "To Grow the Leader, You Must Grow the Person".   Leadership is very personal.  It is one of the things that makes is so challenging and so rewarding.  You will never fully achieve your leadership potential by "going through the motions" or "doing what others think is right".  Leadership is about you.  It is about your character, your values, your beliefs and your aspirations.  You. Have. To. Care.

This is one of the reasons I don't work with just anyone.  To be effective in supporting your growth and development as a leader and as a person, we have to connect.  We have to have a high degree of trust between us. And we both have to care.

The fun thing about growing your leadership capabilities is that doing so will make your entire life better.  I am not kidding.  When you develop your leadership talent, you show up differently and when you show up differently, everything changes...for the better.

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