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If your organization is seeking help in developing its leaders to more effectively lead Millennials and Millennial leaders, please contact me and let's have a conversation about the nature of what you are experiencing.  You can contact me here: Contact Gord

For Individual Leaders

I routinely come across people who are frustrated at their lack of ability to connect with, understand, heck even respect the younger generations in their workforce.  This can lead to frustration, inefficiency and a lot of wasted time to say nothing of unproductive conflict.  So what is a leader to do?

In truth, in spite of what you may read online, there are no "five easy things you can do now" to improve your ability to manage and lead the younger generations.  In fact, a lot of what I see online,  including: branding, labeling, generalising and quite honestly, denigrating the up and coming people in the workforce, I find at best to be inaccurate and at worst, downright dangerous.  If half the things being said about differences in "generations" was instead being said about race, a lot of people would find themselves unemployed.

So it comes back to the reality here.  You are frustrated and not sure what to do.  This is an area that is perfectly suited to Executive Coaching.  To learn more, please visit:  www.LogicalLeadership.ca

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