Below are some of the best tips I know to help Millennials get ahead in their careers and their lives.  These key tips for Millennials are empowering because they put you in charge of creating the future you want for yourself.

Having said that, if you are only going to do one thing and one thing only, it should be to work on becoming better at networking.  This is the number 1 way of building out the career and the life you want.  Seriously.  Just do it!  Click here for tips on how to be better at networking.

Get a career that you love!

There is a well known saying that: "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life".  I think this is a bit optimistic because every job will have its good points and bad, but there is no doubt in my mind that if you love what you do, you will enjoy doing it and in all likelihood be good at doing it.  If you think that from the age of 18 to 65 you will spend 47 years in the workforce, you might as well spend that time doing something you love to do.

get the job you want!

Knowing what you want to do is only half the battle.  The other half is actually getting hired by an organization that offers you what you are looking for.  Getting the job you want requires some focused effort but the payoff can be huge.

fast track your career!

If you are already on a career path that you love but you are stuck or not progressing fast enough, then you want to fast track your career.  Sometimes it is the simple things you are not doing that hold you back and other times, it can be things that you are doing that are failing to leave the impression you want.  In either case, knowing what these things are and doing something about them will get your career moving forward at an accelerated pace.

understand business etiquette!

In general, people like to work with people they like and often that means being a "class act".  What does it mean to show class or be a "class act"?  This section is all about doing things the right way and growing your reputation as an individual with class.

what are you doing wrong?

Often when we don't get the success we think we deserve, it is because we are doing something wrong but what?  If only we knew, we could remove these roadblocks and get going.  These are some of the top career killers I know of.

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