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Gord has offered me guidance and support as a mentor and coach over the last six years. I highly recommend his services for those looking to explore what is possible and deepen their knowledge of themselves. 

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How Do I...

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Of course, I also recommend that you don't shoot yourself in the foot by failing to recognise one of these top five Career Killers. I actually had someone ask me if these were a "thing" and the answer was most definitely. And unfortunately, most of these folks never know why they have been passed by for promotion because no one had the courage to tell them.  So very sad.

The other key are to be careful of is that of Etiquette or more for specifically Business Etiquette.  Now some people may think that this is over rated and that their manners are "fine".  I strongly encourage people to see Business Etiquette as a matter of respecting a different culture.  If you were to travel to a different country, would you not want to know what the "norms" are there?  Would you not want to honour and respect the local customs and culture?

The business environment is no different!  Heading into the world of business is no different than going to a new country and it is in your best interests to understand what is expected of you, how to behave in a way that honours others and indeed how to act so you are seen as a player!  You can check out some of the basics of Business Etiquette by clicking here:  Business Etiquette

Job Security?

Often one of the biggest fears we face is that of job security.  Well, there is no such thing as job security.

The only job security any of us has, is defined by our personal competence and by our network.  If you have maintained your competence and have a strong network, you will have more job security than can be afforded by any external party - especially a company!

Should I Get A Life Coach?

At some point you may well ask yourself if you should get a Life Coach. If you are under 25, you may be wondering what to do with your life.  What career path to choose or how you can best set yourself up for success.  If this sounds like you, and you have exhausted all of your other avenues and opportunities then it may be time to look into hiring a life coach to help you out.

What about the dreaded "quarter century life crisis"?  Yup - this is real.  This is where you aren't sure you are on the right path or perhaps you know you have started down a road that was someone else's preference for you rather than your own.  Sometimes it feels like you might be missing out on the important stuff.  In any case, if you are suffering from a quarter life crisis, you know it doesn't feel very good.  It may be time to get some trained and professional help.

By the time you are 30, you may be thinking about family, finances, career, health or any of a myriad of different challenges.  Are you feeling satisfied?  Are you fulfilled?  Are you forsaking one part of your life for another?  Usually it is health or relationships that suffer at the demands of career and cash.  If you are feeling out of balance, then hiring a life coach may be the best option for you.

And of course, at around 40 you should be "making it" because - and this will shock you - statistically speaking, you are half done.  Seriously - look at the life expectancy statistics and you will see that the average north American has a life expectancy between 75-85 years old, so being 40 puts you smack dab in the middle of your likely life.  How is it going?  Do you want to talk about it with a trained professional coach?

These are just some of the things that may be standing in the way of you living your most powerful, compassionate, connected and prosperous life.  If you are on track - keep rocking.  If you aren't me and let's figure it out...together.

For additional information, please read "What is Life Coaching" and "When Should I Hire a Coach"?  If you want some personal details on how I work with clients, please read "My Approach To Coaching".

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