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The Core Values Index or CVI

The most powerful, interesting a useful "Personality Test" or "Human Assessment" I have come across (and I have done many) is the Core Values Index.

More accurate the the Myers Briggs or MBTI, more useful than DiSC and more powerful than True Colors, I use the Core Values Index will all of my clients.  And, it only takes 10 minutes to complete the test!

Developed by Lynn Taylor of Taylor Protocols, this assessment helps you to understand where your "core" energies come from or in other words what "fuels" your success.  In essence, it doesn't just tell you about yourself, it can also provide you with specific strategies to be more effective in your life.

Best of all, the basic version is FREE.  Learn more about this quick and powerful assessment here:  The Core Values Index


I am also delighted to share LeaderSTEP with you.  LeaderSTEP is a 52 week leadership development program designed to help you become a more effective leader.  And best of all, LeaderSTEP is FREE.

You are probably well aware that personal change requires more than just knowing to do something.  It is even more than knowing to do something and how to do it.  It is the COMMITMENT to doing it that makes the difference between aspirations and true growth.  And commitment takes time.

I designed LeaderSTEP to be a year long program because both commitment and growth take time.

LeaderSTEP provides you with a weekly leadership concept or skill as well as a "skills challenge" because if you don't use something - well, what is the point of learning about it?

LeaderSTEP also gives you some reflective questions, a recommended reading resource and for fun, a quote.  You can sign up by filling in the subscription below form below can opt out at any time!

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