Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I fill in the online form?

Since you have provided your email address, I will email you back and get a sense of what it is you are looking for and if there is a good match between what you are looking for and what I provide.

If it looks like there is an opportunity to work together, we will set up a time for a Skype or telephone call.  This call usually lasts approximately 30 minutes and afterwards it is up to you to decide if you would like to engage in a coaching relationship.

The Coaching Agreement

Once you and I have decided that we want to work together, I will email you an "intake package" that you will complete prior to our first session.  This intake package sets the foundation of our work together.

Once I have received the completed intake package back from you, I will send you the initial invoice and once paid, our first session will be scheduled.

Session are typically 45-60mins and occur once every two weeks.  This allows you to reflect on the insights from the session and complete any assignments that you have agreed to take on in service of your development.

What Happens in a Session?

Typically, each coaching session will start with a "check in" where you will bring me up to date on what has transpired since the last session.  You will then let me know what it is you would like to work on in the current session and that will provide the focus.

The coaching process is one of "taking out" rather than "putting in" and supports the theory that the client already has the answers and insight they are looking for but need help in discovering them and putting them into action.  Thus the coaching process is one of asking powerful questions, challenging assumptions, providing perspective and holding the client accountable to make the changes they want to see in their lives.

I also want to mention that while coaching is both a profound and rewarding experience, it is also fun and affirming.

Who Are Your Ideal Clients?

Well I am only fluent in English so all of my clients must be comfortable in speaking in English.  Having said that, I have supported clients from around the world.

Typically my Young Professional clients will be between 20-40 years of age and have completed a College Diploma or University Degree.  The majority will be working full time in some capacity.

What are your expectations of clients?

Quite simply, my expectation is for the creation of a mutually respectful and professional relationship.  This is exemplified by the following behaviours:

  • Being on time for sessions
  • Providing adequate notice for schedule changes
  • Being open and comfortable in creating a safe environment for the conversation to happen
  • Being fully present during sessions in mind, body and spirit
  • Following through on agreed to commitments

Other Questions?

If you have other questions not answered above, please use the contact me form and I will respond with an answer as soon as possible.

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