The Core Values Index

The Core Values Index or CVI is an online assessment that takes only 10 minutes to complete and will give you insight about the key things that light you up and cause you to feel a sense of "flow" or ultra high productivity.

There are a few reasons I prefer the Core Values Index over any of the other "tools" available, e.g. Myers-Briggs, Disc, Insights and so on.

Reason 1: I can debrief someone in an hour and they will intuitively understand what it means.  While some of the language can be a bit "odd", with a bit of explanation, people see themselves in the model - and that is key!

Reason 2: Unlike a lot of these tools that just label you or pigeon hole you as a certain "type" - the Core Values Index actually provides you with specific strategies - things you can do right after the debrief - to be more effective in your life.  What do I mean by more effective?  I mean knowing how to switch from feeling anxious, negative, fearful or insecure to feeling good.  And I know it works because I use it my own life with startling results.  (Of course I have also asked my wife to take it, my kids, my friends, well - you get the idea.)

Reason 3: How many times have you felt you need to be someone you are not in order to be successful?  The CVI tilts that assumption on its head.  It allows you to understand YOUR unique gifts and how you can use those to not only feel better about yourself, but be successful while BEING yourself.  And of course, that is core to my approach to coaching which is why I use the CVI so heavily in my practice.

Best yet?  There is a free version that will give you some high level insights in a video report.  It will tell you where your core energy comes from.

Builders - Get their energy from taking intuitive action.

Merchants - Get their energy from connection and nurturing.

Innovators - Get their energy from understanding and problem solving

Bankers - Get their energy from accumulating and sharing knowledge.

Should I Upgrade my CVI?

The comprehensive CVI gives you a lot more information and...most importantly...a free copy of Lynn Taylor's book, "The Core Values Index Handbook", a $20 value!  

So, not only do you get your own personal CVI numbers (and the numbers are important), you also get a reference book to help you understand how to use the CVI.  Take your insight to action and improve your effectiveness at home and at work with the upgraded Core Values Index.

Your innate energy will define how your day goes.  If you have high Merchant Love energy and you are in the role of connecting with, mentoring and inspiring others, then that will be a great day.

Of course, not all days are great days.  If you find yourself drained at the end of the day, frustrated or bored - then your innate energy may not be being used and that will cause you to go into a conflict strategy where you will not be effective!  

Don't leave this to chance - your career may depend on you managing your conflict strategies and making empowering choices to be in the right energy for the situation.

Don't wait - take the CVI today and start learning about who you really are.  

If you want to learn how your CVI can help you to manage your stress and negative emotions while being more effective, contact me to arrange a one hour, phone based comprehensive CVI debrief!  It is worth it.  Your life is worth it.  YOU are worth it.

Books About The Core Values Index (CVI)

Lynn Taylor has written a number of books about the Core Values Index (CVI) and how to use it to improve your effectiveness in life.

You can buy these books here:

The Core Values Index



They are both great resources for better understanding the tool and...yourself!

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