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Where oh where do I put all the "content"?  Well - how about a Content page?  You got it!

Here are some of the insights that I have gleaned over the years.  I hope you find them useful.

Choosing a Wine

At some point in your career you are going to be out for dinner with some VIPs and the waiter will pass you the wine list so that you can select an appropriate vintage for the table to...more

The Importance of Relationships

If you ever question the value of strong relationships, a friend of mine, (and currently a CEO at a major organization) once told me that the best tip he could think of for getting ahead in your career was to marry the right person.  

I was amazed by this and honestly thought he would talk about getting an MBA or knowing the right people etc., but no - he felt his marriage had just as much if not more to do with his success than anything ...more

What is Coaching?

Executive Coaching is becoming more common now that it is seen as a career and contribution accelerator rather than some sort of remedial undertaking for perennially poor performers.  Still there are a lot of things people don't know about coaching, specifically...more

Money and Relationships

There is little more difficult in relationships than talking about and dealing with money.  I would guess that more relationships crash on the shores of money problems than almost anything else but there are some simple things... more


There is no doubt in my mind that the number one thing anyone can do to advance their career and enrich their lives is to improve their ability to network.  I know it has hugely impacted my life and I am no natural networker.  So, there were a few things that I have learned that have transformed my...more

Get A New Job

Knowing what you want to do is great.  How do you go about getting a job that you want?  Unfortunately, if networking hasn't got you to that point, it is likely that you are in the resume submitting and interviewing stage of the process...more


I remember at one point in my career, one of my coworkers telling me that the only way of making any real money was to become your own boss and be an entrepreneur.  This always sounded good to me, however this isn't always quite as easy as it sounds. Especially, if...more

Leadership Tips

If you aren't a natural leader, whatever that means, then you may well benefit from some perspectives on leadership to help you develop and evolve your own leadership capacity.  These key elements are critical to...more

Public Speaking

Next to learning how to network, being able to convey your ideas, your contribution or even your concerns in an effective manner is likely the biggest opportunity people have to accelerate their careers.  It is that important.  Now you don't have to be David Letterman to be successful at this but you can...more

Phone Etiquette

Everyone has a phone these days.  They are awesome tools.  Not everyone knows how to use these tools in a way that doesn't offend other people.  As a result, the most innocent thing can set the stage for a...more

Interview Questions

While we would like to believe that job interviews are an opportunity to "get to know" one another, quite often in large organizations, they are very structured, formal and supposedly "objective".  If you are faced with a scenario like this...more

The Core Values Index

The Free Core Values Index profiling tool is by far the most insightful "personality test" I have come across for a few simple reasons. 

One - it is actually simple to understand.  Two - it offers real world strategies for being more effective in your life.  Three - it really works.  I use it in my life.  My family have taken this test.  My friends ...more

Business Etiquette

Which bread plate is mine?  Which wine glass? How do I ensure I sound professional on the phone.  Business etiquette isn't something that will necessarily accelerate your career but not understanding and following the rules of business etiquette can sure undermine your career...more

Work Life Balance

There seems to be little these days that gets the same amount of attention as work life balance.  Often it seems the natural inclination is to "time slice" our day, week, month into separate and distinct activities, but usually within the first activity we have already failed...more

Career Building

Remember when being "good" was enough to get you ahead?  Remember, when you had perfect clarity on what it was you wanted to do when you grew up?  Were you 5 or 6 at the time?  What happened?  Probably, life happened, but there is another way and that is called Career Building where you don't leave...more

Business Acumen

If you work for a "for profit" corporation, you may have run across this idea of "business acumen" and possibly even been turned down for a promotion based on your lack of business acumen.  So what is it and how do you...more

Thoughts on Leadership

Sometime leadership is seen as the ultimate goal in a career.  Obviously, there is some real advantages to climbing the ladder and becoming a leader, but if you have had a mix of good leaders and bad leaders, over the course of your career, you may find value in...more

Golfing to Grow Your Career

There was a time when there was a lot of business done on the golf course.  A lot of careers have been helped along by a good game of golf with the boss.  I am sure a few careers have also suffered as a result of golf course related errors.  There are a few things however that you can...more

Career Killers

What you don't know can hurt you.  If you see yourself being passed over for promotions or other good job opportunities, you may unwittingly be demonstrating one or more of these five career killers.  Knowing what they are...more

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