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Gord Aker

As a Calgary Executive Coach, I believe that leadership truly matters.  If you do too then you deserve to work with an Executive Coach. Why? Because it is very likely that just adding more knowledge or increasing skillsets isn't going to give you the performance edge you are looking for.  As author Rob McNamara likes to say, education and development are not the same thing.  Education is about adding more to the bucket of your brain.  Development is about changing the size of the bucket.  Transformation is about forgetting about the bucket all together.

This is why, while courses and training and seminars and conferences all have value - they are only the first step in the process. When just more knowledge isn't enough, then it is time to look at going deeper and understanding what may be holding you back or keeping you from achieving the next level in performance.

As an Executive Coach, I have the leadership experience, the professional training and the opportunity to connect on a personal level in a way that enables on going growth and development.  When I coach, it is not about "info share" or instructions/advice. It is about challenging the way you see things and indeed how you see yourself in the workplace if not the world.  That insight is the feedstock for the changes necessary to grow into the leader you are destined to become.

Can this be done alone?  Without question.  However, working with a professional coach will not only accelerate the process, it will enhance the outcome.  Is leadership important to you?  If so, then leadership development should be as well.  And if leadership development is important to you, then you should be looking at engaging a professional coach.

The Executive Coaching Process

I have come across two very different perspectives when speaking with people about Executive Coaching.

One perspective is that it is all "soft stuff" and therefore intangible and of dubious value.  However, after one or two coaching sessions, the word "soft" is never mentioned again.  Why?  Because, personal development is hard work.  It is challenging to be presented with a blunt statement on the assumptions you have been making or the limited perspectives you have been bringing to the circumstances of your life.  Seriously - I have had many clients tell me that the coaching process is one of the most challenging things they have ever experienced.  Valuable?  Certainly.  Easy?  No so much.  Soft? Yeah, no.

The other perspective is that professional coaching is too hard.  It is too intimate and too personal.  Of course, if you are looking for personal growth and professional development, getting personal would seem to be a requirement.  However, in saying that - not everyone is ready for the coaching process and until one is comfortable at engaging in a deep professional relationship with a coach - it is best to wait so that you get the most value out of the experience.

In trying to accelerate the relationship and thus maximize the value to clients, I will often ask them to share their life story with me.  This helps clients get comfortable in talking about themselves with a stranger and it often provides some exceptional coaching opportunities.

If you have leadership aspirations, you deserve to work with an ICF Professional Certified Coach.  A Calgary Executive Coach.

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