Build My Confidence

Most people I speak with, if they are honest, would do anything to limit the negative self talk that is part of being a human being.  Why?  Because they know how limiting and unproductive it is.  The one thing that people who work with me want, but don't always ask for, is: "Help Build My Confidence."

One of the greatest tricks to help anyone build their confidence, is to make the situation "not about you".  If you can focus instead on who you are serving and why it is important - then you will have much less energy left over for convincing yourself of your inadequacy.

The video below is also interesting and I think worth watching.  There is no magic pill to this.  But it is a skill that can be grown, developed and used.  Take a look:

So, what do you think?  Do you have the confidence to grow your confidence?  What difference would being more confident make in your life?

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