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Hello and welcome to Millennial Coaching.  My name is Gord Aker and I am a Professional and Certified Executive Coach that loves to work with people under 40 who are interested in leading their lives and optimizing their careers.

Leadership is not easy.  To make sure all of your innate leadership talent and potential is being developed, you have a few choices.  You can learn by trial and error - often a painful and drawn out process. 

Or you could work with someone who has the training, skills and experience to accelerate your personal growth and professional development.

Please take a look around this site and get an idea about what I do and why.  Read the testimonials.  Take a look at the articles.  Then contact me and let's have a chat about you and your future.

Is now the time for you to...

  • take responsibility for leading the career and life you want,
  • feel a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and accomplishment in your work,
  • grow not only your capability, but also increase your capacity for contribution,
  • nurture, influence and inspire others in your life to achieve their aspirations,
  • acknowledge your progress and challenge yourself to even greater heights.

Gord is first and foremost a life-changer. As far as I am concerned, it is not possible to overstate the impact that he has on the lives of the individuals with whom he works. At least, that has been my experience. - Erica McLachlan

Why work with Gord?

I love working with Millennials.  Why?  Two kinda selfish reasons.

First of all - I find people under 40 are very able, open to and interested in, seeing themselves in a different way. And often, that is the key to moving from "meh" to "Yea" in a short period of time - sometimes in as few as 4-6 coaching sessions.

Secondly, people under 40 have a huge career runway ahead of them.  If as a result of working with me, your perspective shifts just a few degrees, then over the course of your career and contribution, you will end up in a completely different place - a much better place - than if we weren't to work together. 

I just love the impact I can have on the world over the next 25 or more years, by enabling people like you to live up to your full potential.

In my experience over ten years of working with young leaders, I have come to realise two important facts:

  1. Young people have a lot more potential than they know,
  2. People often (sometimes unknowingly) stand in their own way of achieving what they want. 

The reality is that we are too close to ourselves to see what is really going on.  This is the value of getting an objective, supportive, compassionate and caring third party to take a look at where you are, challenge the assumptions you are making, question the stories you are telling yourself and highlight your unique gifts to the world.

Working with me will help you:

  • develop the authentic self confidence that comes from discovering and accepting who you truly are, 
  • be inspired by creating a compelling vision for your leadership and maybe, even your life,
  • embark on a journey that empowers you to stop reacting to everything and start creating and leading.

Don't wait. Leadership development for Millennials is fundamental in creating the life you want and the success you deserve. - contact me today!

Still not sure?  Let's set up a 20 minute, no obligation, no commitment, no sales pressure telephone chat.  The reality is that no one can be "sold" in to a coaching relationship and expect it to work.  So you will NEVER get any high pressure sales tactics from me.  It just isn't who I am, or what I am about. You can get in touch with me here.

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