Calgary Leadership Coach Gord Aker
Committed to Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

If you have every worked for a really good leader or...a really poor one for that matter, you have undoubtedly reached the same conclusion that I have. 

Leadership Matters

Leadership has a tremendous role in creating positive workplaces and workplace cultures. 

Leadership has a critical role to play in helping to define collective success. 

Leadership is imperative in growing people and organizational capacity. 

Leadership is what ultimately makes the biggest difference in the world because it is key to inspiring the commitment of others. 

Gord is first and foremost a life-changer. As far as I am concerned, it is not possible to overstate the impact that he has on the lives of the individuals with whom he works. - Erica McLachlan

About Me...

Hello! My name is Gord Aker.

I'm the writer and editor of the information you will find here on Millennial

My mission is to help individuals under 40 become inspiring and effective leaders.

In support of this mission, I have developed a number of resources to help young people accelerate the leadership development journey.

  • First, this site.  This site has been the developed to provide you with as much information as possible on how to develop yourself as a leader.  Importantly, this includes growing your capability and leading your life! 
  • Secondly, I have developed a year long personal leadership development program called LeaderSTEP which provides you with leadership skills and development opportunities over the course of a year.  You can check this FREE program out by clicking here: LeaderSTEP
  • Thirdly, I am an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach.  I support young people from across North America in discovering, developing and deploying their innate leadership talent in support of a better world.  You can learn more about one on one leadership develop by clicking here: Leadership Development for Millennials

I am committed to helping the next generation of leaders discover, develop and deploy their innate leadership talent. 

Now more than ever, we need capable, compassionate, people oriented and future focused individuals to take the lead in creating better organizations, better communities, and a better world.

Gord's Articles in Millennial Magazine: